mandag den 19. december 2011

A romantic christmas

So christmas is soon!
-Another occasion to dress up amazing. And which color this year? Curls or not? Which nail color? I have some suggestions for you guys, take a look !

Red is the christmas color. It's warm and it's romantic.
So I figured.. A casual red dress with some white shiny stilettos. Warm and cold combinated to a perfect night.

This casual red dress is perfect for a christmas eve. It's sweet, beautiful, romantic and sexy at the same time.

A white pair of stilettos like these is just perfect for a cold winter night. They're white as snow, and the red dress will warm the out-fit up.

My Favorite
This dress is so sexy and sweet. It looks like this christmas present that has to be opened up.
Absolutely perfect for christmas!

And the shoes? 
I found this shoe, and I must admit that I'm totally blown away with this.
The red color is romantic and the details says christmas time!

And for the nails? 
 Red is classic !
 But if you like details and love being creative with your nails, then you should definately go for nails like these!

 Or these? 

About the makeup thing, I will let Michelle Phan give you some tips..
I've watched this video and I thought it is the perfect makeup for the evening.
Wanna watch? 

Now the hair...
And I thought curls is great. Soo I watched Bubz' video on simple curls, and I loved it!
Check it out !

Here is some other christmas fashion ideas...

Rate down below, and stay tuned  <-----
Girls will be girls

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