lørdag den 21. januar 2012

Nicki Minaj

Boom badoom boom, 
boom badoom boom bass,
yeah that's that superbass !
Nicki Minaj is getting really popular. And we all know the song Super Bass. I'm pretty in to her songs, and I love her.
I wan't to give you readers some informations about her..
And I wan't to tell you, why I like her, and why she inspires me..
First of all ! I don't wan't to tell you about her life from the day she was born. So I will start out by telling that she was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to Queens in the age of 5, and she lived there with her mother. Nicki's father tried to burn down the house while her mother was in it. And the father was a shame to the family. Nicki signed Dirty Money Records and did a mixtape, then she signed some other small labels and did a few mixtapes more.. I really love her mixtapes. Becuase it's not mainstream, and it reminds me about that ghetto girl she used to be. She won the Female Artist of the Year award at the 2008 Underground Music Awards.
In 2010 she released her first studio album, and it got really popular with the label Young Money Entertainment. She dissapointed some fans, because she all of a sudden bagan to do pop music on the album.
As of January, 2012, the album had sold 3,270,300 copies in the United States.
Roman Reloaded is her upcoming second studio album, and two songs are released already.
I have to admit, that I'm very dissapointed.. I liked her more as Nicki, instead of Barbie, Roman, Martha or whoever.
Nicki was the girl from the ghetto, who had been through a lot, and appreciated everything. Now she turned mainstream I think. I think her music style now is getting pretty weird.. I'm sorry to say it..
But like Debra once said about Pink Friday, "If she likes it, then I love it"

I have so many things to write down about Nicki Minaj. But instead of writing down those informations about her, I wan't to write things down, that I like about her.
If you wan't to know the really Nicki Minaj, then listen to this song, that she wrote about herself. It really gives a insight of who she is. Read the lines, and just listen...

Mainstream? hmm...
Two songs are already relased on Roman Reloaded. I gotta admit, that I don't like one of them.. I think she is getting really mainstream and weird, as you can see here in 'Stupid Hoe' 

Who is that??? It's not Nicki anymore. 
It's not the ghetto girl I liked and loved. It's a whole new Nicki, and with all the dislikes at that new music video, she will may start to realize that she should turn down the barbie thing. I really hope she will. I am a biiiiiig fan, and I don't like what she is doing with all that barbie stuff, so I hope she will turn it down.. 

I would recommend you (not Nicki fans), to check out music from her like this. 

Another reason why I love Nicki, is because of her unique style.. 
She is for me, the most talented woman on earth, and I love her like was she my sister. 

Here is some photos of the rap queen
^^^This is my personal favorite! 

Questions about Nicki Minaj, then leave a comment. Do you love Nicki as well, then comment to, and tell me why you like her. 

- MissM <3

tirsdag den 20. december 2011

The perfect guy..

We all know what we wan't, we know every little detail about the perfect guy. We imagine our selves with him out in the future. But what is perfect? Only an illusion. Because the right guy could in theory be black, fat, small, thin, yellow or white? Does it matter?
Hmm.. Maybe it does, cause we need to feel atracted to him.
When I hear the words "the perfect guy" I start to imagine a tall guy with dark hair, brown eyes and have tan.
BUT I also think about the personality, because a hot guy with a crappy personality is just as useless as one stiletto. You can look at it, keep it, but you can't use it?
Sooo, a great personality, what is that? Does he has to have all our hobbies, so we have something to talk about? Should he be the male version of our selves, so we don't argue about anything?
I decided that i wan't to create "the perfect guy"

Let's start with the face!
1# Dark hair
2# Brown eyes
3# Cute smile
Let's say a face like Enrique Iglesias
<--------------Sex on a stick right? 
The body!
1# Six-pack
2# Tan
3# Big arms
I wouldn't mind if that body was in my bed, wooooow !

<----------------Cristiano Ronaldo is why women watches soccer! 

Now we only need the personality, and that's difficult to make, because we all know what we wan't, but we don't wan't the same?
BUT here is some things a guy must be!
Point #1 
The guy must be sweet and kind. We're girls, and we like sweet things. So sweet nicknames is always good. He has to smile every time he looks at us, we all know how sweet that is. 
Point #2 
He need to be considerate, always think about us instead of him self. 
Point #3
He need to have humor, it's a must! We need to laugh together, and it's so charming when he makes us laughing. 
Point #4
He has to be a gentleman!
Point #5
Be romantic! 

I wouldn't call this guy we end up with, the perfect guy, because we all have our tastes, but this guy is a hottiesnack, and I wouldn't mind if he came along and took me on a date ! 

Hope you enjoyed this one.. 
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Girls will be girls

Love is overrated

I had this fight with him last night.. He was drunk and started to write some disrespectful messages to my phone. I told him he could call me when he got sober..
So there i was, in my bed with tears in my eyes, late at night, reading his messages over and over again.
I decided to stop thinking about him and get some sleep.
Why do guys need to make drama when they're drunk? What for? Dont they know how a girl feels when she reads disrespectful messages from the guy she trust the most?
I wish I could get in to every guy on the planet heads, and teach them how to act drunk AND sober!

I wrote him a message this morning.. And we worked things out. But why can't he say sorry? I mean, give me an apologize for what he wrote. Are u too proud or what? Annoying, but I hope he'll give me an apologize when I see him again, and we can talk it through.

Guys are such of jerks!
Sometimes....I think.....

Just what's was on my mind.
- Miss.M xoxo

mandag den 19. december 2011

A romantic christmas

So christmas is soon!
-Another occasion to dress up amazing. And which color this year? Curls or not? Which nail color? I have some suggestions for you guys, take a look !

Red is the christmas color. It's warm and it's romantic.
So I figured.. A casual red dress with some white shiny stilettos. Warm and cold combinated to a perfect night.

This casual red dress is perfect for a christmas eve. It's sweet, beautiful, romantic and sexy at the same time.

A white pair of stilettos like these is just perfect for a cold winter night. They're white as snow, and the red dress will warm the out-fit up.

My Favorite
This dress is so sexy and sweet. It looks like this christmas present that has to be opened up.
Absolutely perfect for christmas!

And the shoes? 
I found this shoe, and I must admit that I'm totally blown away with this.
The red color is romantic and the details says christmas time!

And for the nails? 
 Red is classic !
 But if you like details and love being creative with your nails, then you should definately go for nails like these!

 Or these? 

About the makeup thing, I will let Michelle Phan give you some tips..
I've watched this video and I thought it is the perfect makeup for the evening.
Wanna watch? 

Now the hair...
And I thought curls is great. Soo I watched Bubz' video on simple curls, and I loved it!
Check it out !

Here is some other christmas fashion ideas...

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Girls will be girls