tirsdag den 20. december 2011

Love is overrated

I had this fight with him last night.. He was drunk and started to write some disrespectful messages to my phone. I told him he could call me when he got sober..
So there i was, in my bed with tears in my eyes, late at night, reading his messages over and over again.
I decided to stop thinking about him and get some sleep.
Why do guys need to make drama when they're drunk? What for? Dont they know how a girl feels when she reads disrespectful messages from the guy she trust the most?
I wish I could get in to every guy on the planet heads, and teach them how to act drunk AND sober!

I wrote him a message this morning.. And we worked things out. But why can't he say sorry? I mean, give me an apologize for what he wrote. Are u too proud or what? Annoying, but I hope he'll give me an apologize when I see him again, and we can talk it through.

Guys are such of jerks!
Sometimes....I think.....

Just what's was on my mind.
- Miss.M xoxo

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