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The perfect guy..

We all know what we wan't, we know every little detail about the perfect guy. We imagine our selves with him out in the future. But what is perfect? Only an illusion. Because the right guy could in theory be black, fat, small, thin, yellow or white? Does it matter?
Hmm.. Maybe it does, cause we need to feel atracted to him.
When I hear the words "the perfect guy" I start to imagine a tall guy with dark hair, brown eyes and have tan.
BUT I also think about the personality, because a hot guy with a crappy personality is just as useless as one stiletto. You can look at it, keep it, but you can't use it?
Sooo, a great personality, what is that? Does he has to have all our hobbies, so we have something to talk about? Should he be the male version of our selves, so we don't argue about anything?
I decided that i wan't to create "the perfect guy"

Let's start with the face!
1# Dark hair
2# Brown eyes
3# Cute smile
Let's say a face like Enrique Iglesias
<--------------Sex on a stick right? 
The body!
1# Six-pack
2# Tan
3# Big arms
I wouldn't mind if that body was in my bed, wooooow !

<----------------Cristiano Ronaldo is why women watches soccer! 

Now we only need the personality, and that's difficult to make, because we all know what we wan't, but we don't wan't the same?
BUT here is some things a guy must be!
Point #1 
The guy must be sweet and kind. We're girls, and we like sweet things. So sweet nicknames is always good. He has to smile every time he looks at us, we all know how sweet that is. 
Point #2 
He need to be considerate, always think about us instead of him self. 
Point #3
He need to have humor, it's a must! We need to laugh together, and it's so charming when he makes us laughing. 
Point #4
He has to be a gentleman!
Point #5
Be romantic! 

I wouldn't call this guy we end up with, the perfect guy, because we all have our tastes, but this guy is a hottiesnack, and I wouldn't mind if he came along and took me on a date ! 

Hope you enjoyed this one.. 
Rate down below, and stay tuned  <-----

Girls will be girls

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